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Quality is visible in all of Texsa’s activities, by the responsibility of each of our company´s professionals. All of Texsas’s raw materials undergo strict quality control, so that we may obtain a product of excellence.
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Environmental Responsibility

The packages collected undergo an industrial process of decontamination and separation so that all these materials go back to the market as new packages (except for food packaging) or new products.
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Learn about Texsa

The Company owns an industrial park of more than 10,000 square meters, with a research center, an inspection lab, sites for production and development of new and improved products, modern equipment, and it caters for both national and international markets. Saiba Mais

Comparison Chart

Texsa Lubricants has prepared a complete chart with information about Texsa’s products compared with other brands in the market. Click here to learn about each of our products. Saiba Mais
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