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Alfa Romeo Asia Motors Audi BMW Chrysler Citröen Dodge Fiat Ford
GM Honda Hyunday Jeep KIA Land Rover Mazda Mercedes Mitsubishi
Nissan Peugeot Renault Seat Suzuki Toyota Troller Volkswagen Volvo

* Important:
The changing periods are established under NORMAL DRIVING CONDITIONS and depend on each vehicle owner´s manual. Under SEVERE DRIVING CONDITIONS, the usual changing period should be reduced to half.

*Consider the following:
Normal driving conditions: trips on the highway, over 9.32 miles (about 15 km) at moderate loads and under the highway speed limit.
Severe driving conditions: these refer to abnormal situations, involving stop-and-go city driving, roads in bad conditions, short trips, extensive idling in traffic and heavy loads.

If you have any questions, please call SAC 55 44 3639-2112 or Fale call us.

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