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Company Profile

TEXSA do Brasil is a company focused on manufacturing high performance products with guaranteed quality for machinery and vehicles in the automotive, industrial and agricultural areas.

Founded in 1998, Texsa Lubricants is based on 20 years´ experience of partners and directors in the market of petroleum by-products.

Located in Umuarama, one of the main cities of Parana State, the company owns an industrial park of more than 10,000 square meters, with a research center, an inspection lab, sites for production and development of new and improved products, modern equipment, machinery and professionals, and it caters for both national and international markets.

Our mission is to meet our customers´ needs in an effective, innovative and sustainable way, promoting the regional and national development and the respect for our employees and the environment.

We seek to set a pattern in the market and to maintain sustainable growth.

Our company is grounded on solid foundations of morality, ethical commitment and respect.
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